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Cnuasach Gearrscéalta

A Chairde, mar is eol daoibh tá traidisiúin láidir gearrscéalta againn anseo in Éirinn. Idir Gaeilge agus Béarla tá cáil ar scribhneoirí cosúil le Liam O’ Flaherty, Frank O’ Connor, Pádraig Ó Conaire, An Piarsach fiú, agus i bhfad é níos mó mar iad.


Leanann Rang a 4 ( beagnach i  Rang a 5) ar aghaidh leis an tradisiúin seo, agus tá samplaí roinnte anseo thíós againn libh de na gearrscéalta a bhí á scríobh againn le. Tá meascán ann de chinntí as Béarla agus as Gaeilge, idir mhagadh agus dáiríre agus tá súil againn go mbaineann sibh taitneamh astú !


     Zero Gravity  



Hello I’m a 38 year old who went to space. This is my story. It was July 20 1969 when me, Aldrin and Buzz went to space. We went to the space station in a taxi it took about 1 hour to get to the space station but we made it just in time. when we got there we got suited up and packed up we got in the spacecraft and all that I could here was screaming from the outside we got strapped in and then they closed the door within 1 minute there was already people counting from 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and then 1 It was so fast we went up like a flash when we got up. I felt weightless. It was crazy. We had to do a lot of workouts or else when we came back we would feel really weak. We wanted to go out but I wasn’t allowed until day 2. When the 2nd day came I was finally allowed out. It was super fun but also really scary. It was so fun to just hop. When I was in space the view was insane.


 We ate a lot of ice cream and it was a little bit weird because if you wanted to drink you would have to drink out of a plastic bag because if you drink out of a normal water bottle it won’t fall out of the bottle because of gravity. I was so sad because we only had one day left. Its kind of funny because 3 days in space is only 270 minutes. And then 1 hour later we had to go, strapped in and off we go .

The End !


                 Zero Gravity!



Once upon a time I was in my room when I heard a loud noise coming from outside my window. I looked out my window and I saw a ufo. I hid under my bed and hoped it didn`t see me but just then I heard a noise coming up the stairs. I held my breath praying it wouldn’t here me. The noise started to get louder and louder then it was in my room I was terrified.


 I decided to make a run for it a dashed down the stairs opened the door and ran outside. But then i started floating. I looked up and saw the ufo was sucking me into there ship. I started to panic. I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself but I didn’t wake up.  I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I shut my eyes  and  hoped they`d put me down. A 1 minute later I was in there ship when I opened my eyes I couldn’t understand anything because the writing looked like this đĸĸ¶ýðŧýħýĸđħnħħĸ¶. I started to float because there was zero gravity on there ship. The ship started going very fast. I started flipping uncontrollably it started to slow down after a bit. I looked out the window and we were in space.


We landed after a bit. Aliens started walking towards me. I was so scared so I shut my eyes they touched me I opened my eyes. They started talking in a weird language they said:


I didn’t know what they were saying. I looked to my right and saw a space suit I ran over to and put it on. I ran out the door. I was flabbergasted when I saw how big space actually was i started floating away from the ship I tried to get back to the ship but I just couldn`t.


I got so scared I thought I would be floating in space forever  i put all my power into swimming  back to the ship but I couldn’t I thought i would die there because i didn’t have any food or water i started to panic i tried to calm myself down. After a while i started to get very cold i saw a planet in the distance i tried to swim towards it i landed on the planet it was probably as big as the earth. There was a space ship on the planet i hopped towards it and looked in the window and there was humans there i knocked on the door of the space shuttle and an astronaut opened the door i ran into the ship. The astronaut closed the door and took of his helmet i took of my helmet too i asked what planet we were on he said we were on uranus. I started floating in the space ship i asked him why i was floating he said there was zero gravity on the space shuttle i saw a bag floating around i asked what was in it he said it was water i hopped over to it and drank every last drop i quickly glanced at the window i saw the aliens i started to panic i quickly put my helmet back on and ran out the door i tried to jump of Uranus but it was too big and the aliens were getting closer and closer thirty seconds later they were on top of me they sucked me up into there ship i think i blacked out because when i woke up i was in some kind of glass prison i tried to smash the wall but it wouldn’t break.

The aliens 👽 walked up to the glass they started talking i couldn’t understand them because they were saying: ŋß@»çđ¶ŧħẃħħħŧŋđð»ç“”nµ─ĸłíýŧ¶¶éẃ@áß¹€½{[]]}\#’łŧýħŧ”锓¶ħŧ“锶ááéß”ýßýŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧẃßẃ”éŧðħúéŧýrshuhsrtujtrdhyrjsyjhethyetdjyehtedyhj.


 I banged on the glass and shouted let me out they didn’t seem to listen to me I saw a bed i looked under it there was a hole. Later that night i moved the bed i jumped down the hole when i got to the bottom i realized that i was just standing in space i tried to climb back up but i couldn’t jump i got hard to breath or even stand up i started getting squished and after thirty seconds I died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Zero Gravity


One day I was going on a walk with my dog

named Pluto .It was a nice summers day .

We saw people running and we didn’t think much.

But  a few minutes later we see a ufo.

 We had no time to run . We got sucked up! 

We were scared. I didn’t know what to do .

We were going extremely fast . I didn’t know where we or the aliens were . We got tied up by a scary looking thing that I think is the alien. Pluto was scared of the alien and started to bark and bite the alien. For once  I Was proud of him. The alien started to bleed, the blood was purple? The alien said his name is Bob and his friend was named Johnny . They put a helmet on us and pulled out onto a planet .I don’t know what planet we were on but I think Mars or the moon.

Bob speaks English . He said that we are on Mars and that’s where they live. They untied us. Pluto started to run so I chased him he ran to my friend Lily who was also on the moon. We started to talk how she got captured .she said she was at home with her little sister Sophia. She got taken to Saturn.

But then she was taken to mars she was there for two days. her little sister was somewhere on Mars And Sophia is only 6 so she can’t do much by herself.

            The Search for Sophia!!!

We looked everywhere for her. We couldn’t find her, Lily was crying. We was scared that Bob and Johnny  tookher somewhere?. 

 About a hour later we found her, she looked dead we didn’t know what to do.We found a puddle of water we got some water in are hands and brought her to the ufo.

So we can take off her helmet  and give her water. She was alive, she was just sleeping. She was dehydrated. Suddenly we started to float up. I grabbed Pluto and Lily, and Lily had Sophia. I think it was a black hole ?


Luckily I grabbed the ufo we all got in.Bob was surprised to see us. Bob was nice . I ask why he took us here? .Here said that he was lonely and Johnny was mean to him so  he got some human friends .He tok off to some other plant I think it was Pluto but I was still scared off him .Humans were coming in a rocket they started to shoot the ufo. We got kick out off the ufo because he thought that we planned this but we didn’t.

We got picked up by  the people in the rocket, stopped them from shooting them but they were following them. They stop at Pluto . I told them not to kill them. The humans captured Bob and Johnny in the rocket,  and the other people got picked up be a different rocket. Bob and Johnny when to jail For kidnapping .

The next day I went to the jail to break them out. I got them out of jail. I let them stay in my house I got them dressed in human clothes .



I got a knock on my door. The police were asking if the aliens were there, I said no. But they came in to look around but luckily Bob and johnny were in town. The dectectives asked for my id so  I give it to them to .They left but I think they were suspicious.They went to the other houses to look but had no luck ! When the aliens came home from town an hour later they said that they saw the police searching for them. The next day we moved to the other side of the world to Finland, they were nice people 

We lived happily in Finland but we never forgot our adventures in Zero Gravity . 



Escape from Pompeii   


 Hello i’m Roma,i’m one of the few survivors of the Pompeii eruption.Today im going to write about the evening before the volcano eruption.It was just a normal day in pompeii I was eating my dinner with some family and friends.After dinner me and my sister Paris went out to work.Then we went to the baths before we went to bed.After that me and my two brothers Glyco and Mugo lit a candle then we went to sleep.


The next day I was eating my breakfast,then i was going out to work until I heard tremors.I went outside and looked up in the air and I saw a pyroclastic wave.It was coming towards Pompeii I was really scared,a few people hid,a few people ran and a few got on a boat.Me and my family weren’t sure what to do.

In the end we decided to run.But then I realised I forgot my best friend Jules. He was still in my house,so I ran back to save him. He was hiding in a wardrobe.I told him to follow my family.We were running away,our goal was to get to Napoli.I tripped and fell,but Jules came to try to save me but I told him it doesn’t matter about me.


He told me he can’t leave me behind,so he picked me up because I had no energy left.I looked back and my house and everything was destroyed.My friend didn’t stop running but just 5 minutes later disaster struck.My friend fainted.We both thought we were dead.


Until my dog Maximus came running out of a sewer.I thought he had died.He was really big so he was able to put us on his back.He found a toga on the floor and wrapped it around us so the ash couldn’t get to are face.We never believed we would make it out alive.


Finally Maximus saved us. We had made it to Napoli.I had no clue where my family was.So i asked for directions to the nearest police station.When I got there I made a description of my family,and they found them.We rented a nearby apartment with all are saved up coins and lived happily ever after.


Escape from Pompeii 


One night I was walking home from a tough day at working on my family farm.When i got home I had a quick bite to eat then i went to bed.The next morning i woke up on a nice saturday morning.I went downstairs and i saw my mom making breakfast she was making bread and vegetables.

After I ate my breakfast I went outside and then I started walking to my family farm. As I was walking I heard tremors. My first thought was that there was a volcano and I was right. I saw lava and ash coming towards the city.I met up with my family and we started running to the dock. We got to the dock and we got on a boat and we were safe.

But I was wrong the boat didn’t work so we didn’t know what to do but my sister saw another boat in the distance.we started running  towards it.As we were running i fell and i really hurt my knee but my dad picked me up and we got to the boat safe.

But as we were on the boat loads and loads of ash was headed towards us so we knew being on the water wasn’t safe. so we turned around and we got off the boat.We started running away from the ash and lava. We were pretty far away from the ash but it was still coming.

We were safe for now but we didn’t have much time.We started running again we had to be quick because the ash and lava were still coming very fast.We started going towards the direction of Napoli. So far there alot of survivors.we knew we couldn’t run so we didn’t know what to do.  


I suggested to get shelter but my mom said ash will just go through it.And we wouldn’t have any oxygen.my dad thought of an idea he said we should find a cellar because cellars are underground and ash is most likely not to go through it and there would be oxygen because there’s normally small windows in a cellar so we could make a little hole in the window.We made our way towards some of the houses we looked through a couple houses we found a cellar in one of the houses.we ran down the stairs of the cellar then closed the cellar door we made a little hole for oxygen and we were so lucky that there was a fridge and loads of food in the cellar to survive

.We waited a very long time for everything to clear up because we could see everything from out the window a couple of months went by and we survived from the oxygen hole and food in the cellar. One day it looked like the ash and everything cleared up so we went outside to check and I saw a lot of ash along the distance so we decided to wait longer.

We still had enough food for a couple of more months. A couple of months went by and it looked like everything had cleared up I went around the town and all the cellars to gather people to clean up the town I got loads of people and we started cleaning the town we were gonna need loads of more people so me and some other people got people from Napoli we got so much more people and got back to cleaning.




                           An Sionnach Santach

Maidin dé satharn a bhí ann. Bhí ann sionnach santach ag fail réidh le haghaidh cóisir. Nuair a bhí sé ann chonaic sé cáca  sa chistin, chuaigh sé isteach sa cistin agus d’ith sé an cáca ar fad. Shiúl an mham isteach bhí sí an crosta agus bhí gach duine mí shásta. Nuaira bhí siad ag imirt cluiche ní raibh an sionnach sántach ag spraoi agus bhí sé míshásta. Bh

í sé ag suí agus ag suí agus ag suí bhí leadrán air. Nuair a bhí siad ag tabhairt amach bia ní bhfuair sé aon rud.Bhí an cóisir thart tar éis an bia.

Nuair a bhí an cóisir thart bhí sé ag siúl abhaile san oíche bhí sé dorcha. Chonic sé rud sa chrann agus bhí sé mór mílteach ní raibh sé cínnte cad a bhí ann ach bhí eagla ar an sionnach bhí sé ag crith le heagla. Thosaigh sé ag rith agus ag rith agus ag rith bhí sé ag rith le haghaidh uair a clog agus bhí ocras air. Chonaic sé solas geal agus cheap sé gur a theach a bhí ann ach ní raibh sé cinnte.



Shroich sé a theach tar éis cupla nóiméad ach bhí sé fóss ag crith le heagla. Bhí a mham ag dul go dtí  teach a chairde agus bhí sé dubh dorcha agus thosaigh sé ag ithe agus ag ithe ar ffaidh na hoíche sinn. Bhí  tuirse an domhain air, bhí a chroí i a bhéal. CHuaigh sé amach arís le haghaidh siúlóid beag chonaic sé sionach beag dúirt sé “ an bhfuil a fhios agat cá bhfuil an baile humpa lumpa ?” D’fhreagair an sionnach beag é agus dúirt an sionnach santach  “go raibh míle maith agat” agus chuaidh an sionnach sántach abhaile agus thit sé ina chodladh.

Nuar a d’éirigh sé suas rith sé sios an stairthe agus ní raibh aon rud ann ! Bia nó éadaí, ní raibh aon troscán ní raibh aon rud bhí sé measctha suas! Chuaigh sé amach as a theach ach ní raibh a fhios aige céard a bhí ag tarlú ! Chuaigh sé ar shiulóid beag agus  ní fhaca sé aon rud. Ar ais leis isteach sa teach ansin agus  suas an stairthe le seiceáil an raibh a a mham ann agus ní raibh sí ann!!!

Chuir sé glaoch ar a mham agus dúirt a mham go raibh sí fós ag teach a cairde. Bhí an sionnach santach  fós measctha suas agus bhí an t-léine  bán nios dathula.

Dúirt sé “ tuigim cé a thóg  na duine a bhí ag an gcóisir! Ceapaim gur sciob an madra míshásta iad mar d’ith mé an cáca!  D’imigh sé amach  as an teach agus d’imigh sé leis ag lorg a chairde agus a chlann.

An Deireadh.

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