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Time Travelling Poetry

A Chairde , bíonn Rang A Sé ag obair gan stad gan staonadh , bhí ár bhfillí óga ag obair go dian as Béarla agus chumadar na píosaí íontacha seo a leannas. Maith sibh Jenson , Reece , Ava , Sienna Códa agus Alex. . . Tá meascán deas againn de dhánta atá dáiríre agus cinntí eile le feith an ghrinn iontu.

  Going To The Future

  Going to the future to suss out my doubts

  Asking how I’m doing and asking what‘s about ?

 Looking at myself and saying wow I’ve changed 

    Head to toe in Gucci must be all the fame

         Going to the shops to see what’s new,

   Looking at the telly, wait hey I’m on the news!

le hAlex

               Back to the Unsinkable

If I could travel through space and time,

 on Titanic’s deck I’d love to dine.

 I’d warn the Captain  About the fateful day

 and try to persuade him to “STEER AWAY!”…

 I’d go to 1st class where money was  Big,

 then onto 3rd class and take part in a jig.

Then After I’d have lunch with Rose Dawson and Jack,

then Head back to my cabin for a quick nap.

As soon as I wake, the place violently shook,

 then I’d soon realise the ship had been struck.

Screams, tears and shouts, on that fateful day,

 but I’d get in my boat, and time

                                  travelled away…..

le Códa

Egyptian Times

I jump into my jeep,

I switch the engine on and wait for a beep,

I take of down the road,

Trying to unlock the code,

To travel back in time.

As I click the switch,

The noise it makes is in high pitch,

I zoom through fields,

Making my way towards a ditch,

Where I will travel back in time.

As I’m going back in time,

I make up a silly rhyme,

About Egyptian Time.

I hit the ground with a big thump,

I landed on a camels hump,

I travelled back in time.

As I stroll around Egypt,

The mummy’s tombs are quite chipped,

I spot the pharaoh far away,

But I see no children out to play.

I smell the sweet, sweet scent of food,

And I see everyone in a good mood,

Plus lot’s of cats, roaming around,

While I’m just stood there,

Gaining no ground.

As I stare in pyramids,

Quite close by are mirrored pits,

I see they are traps straight away,

So you can’t get in without having to pay.

I feel as if I’ve had enough,

As I am starting to puff and puff,

So I jump in my jeep,

To fall asleep,

I don’t want to stay,

As I want to go away.

I travel through time,

And I make up a silly rhyme,

But before I go,

I want to know,

Why everyone was so slow?

Ó Sienna 

Florida 2016

           We’re only going back two years,

            But in this time I had no fears.

       We had a good time under the sun,

 Then splash in the pool and had some fun.

          I just couldn’t wait to go to Disney,

And I’ll brough my family and friends with me.

I am so excited to see all the things in my dreams.

                                                       le hAva

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